Welcome to the world of Astrology where the stars are brought to life. Matthew, the Astrologer has been studying astrology for 35 years and has studied with the Institute of Astrology where he gained his Degree. 
Matthew has completed many charts, designed many courses over the years, taught classes and completed one to one astrological readings. Matthew has also studied Tarot Cards, Wicca, Numerology, Handwriting Analysis as well as being a Qualified Paranormal Investigator.

Matthew still completes his charts by hand, putting a spiritual feeling into the interpretation of the chart. You will find that Matthew’s charts are written in plain English, straightforward reporting with illustrations throughout you interpretation.
Matthew specialises in Birth Charts, which is you on paper, the hidden you, your traits, how you re-act in situations and it covers everything from meaning of colours, birthstones, plants, and much more.
Why not pop over to Matthew’s website where you will find a host of useful information and you will be able to order your chart which is delivered straight to your inbox.