Paranormal Ghost Events

Welcome to the world of Paranormal Investigations. You can join our team on exclusive evenings where you can get involved with everything from setting up equipment to lone vigals. You can help create the film, investigate with our world-class team of mediums, card readers, paranormal investigators and all our paranormal crew.
All equipment is supplied on the night and will include SLS camera system, night vision cameras, EMFs, EVPs, Boards, Rods, Crystals, Ghost Boxes, and much much more…
Once completed, all the footage and sound recordings will be edited into a one of show, giving you a keep sake of the evening.
You will also find that some of our locations will be very limited and there maybe only 4-6 places available, giving you an exclusive evening and insight into the paranormal world.

St Johns Haunted Mansion,

£59.99 inc. tv style programme
4 Hours
Times to Be Confirmed

Limited Tickets: 20 with 4 Crew Members and Tarot Reader

St Johns Mansion in Warwick is a historic house located in Warwick, just east of the town centre, in Warwickshire, England. It is now a museum and has had a history spanning almost 900 years. To the side of the house is a small garden belonging to St John’s and to the rear is the large St. Nicholas’ Park.

Paranormal Activity at St Johns wont disappoint. From Black Shadows in the Victorian School Room, Voices Heard through the Ghost Box, Doors that Bang for No reason, the Dark Entity in the Cellar… Plus activity in all other parts of the House… This is One Not To miss.

This event is limited in numbers and we will have a tarot reader on location to complete reading through-out the night.

What could be more intriguing than something that is hidden away and yet, lies right beneath the surface? The City of Caves is situated right beneath the streets of Nottingham’s city centre and is part of a maze of over 500 original sandstone caves. These man-made caves date back to the dark ages and, over the years, have been used as a tannery, public house cellars, and as an air raid shelter during the world wars. 
The caves have also been used to home the poor, but this got banned in 1845.
You will get to visit the Cave Cell, where Robin Hood was imprisoned, the screams, the shouts, the disembodied voices that are heard through-out as well as the shadows that are seen. People have claimed to be hit by stones, and a victorian apparition is said to be roaming the caves.  this is one not to miss with objects that move and voices captured on evps and ghost boxes,what more are you waiting for…

City of Caves

TBC inc. tv style programme
TBC Hours
Times to Be Confirmed

Limited Tickets: TBC with TBC Crew Members and Tarot Reader

Drakelow Tunells

TBC inc. tv style programme
TBC Hours inc. free guided tour
Times to Be Confirmed

Limited Tickets: TBC with TBC Crew Members inc Tarot Reader

The Tunnels, originally constructed in 1941, were used during the Cold War as a nuclear bunker by the Government. Drakelow tunnels is a maze of tunnels containing areas once used as dormitories, storage areas, workshops, office spaces and a canteen. During World War II, the tunnels were used as a bunker and Rover for machine workshops.
This is a must to explore as a paranormal investigator, from shadows that are seen walking, from people being pushed of ladders, from the music that is heard to the voices in the distance, this is truly one exciting place to visit.
There have been many deaths within the tunnels, from people being crushed to death, being run over by a truck to being mangled by machinery there are plenty of unhappy spirits that roam these vast deserted tunnels.

Always a prominent feature on Stratford’s landscape, right in the heart of the town, the Shrieve’s House and the awarding winning and haunted Shrieve’s House barn (the museum) date back to the 16th century, although a dwelling has stood on this spot since 1196.

There are a number of ‘dominant’ spirits said to be active in the property: an archer from the time of Henry VIII; a serial murderer from the 18th century; a little girl who was a pickpocket in the tavern; a Catholic gentleman from the time of the reformation and a justice of the peace who used his power to run an extortion ring with threats, violence and trumped up charges. There are also sightings of the parliamentary soldiers, children and animals. During certain times of year a dark hooded figure with red glowing eyes, who is said to be a very ancient spirit, stands back and watches.

Tudor World

£64.99 inc. tv style programme
6 Hours inc. free guided tour
Times to Be Confirmed

Limited Tickets: 20 with 4 Crew Members inc Spiritual Medium

The Haunted Pavillion
Matlock Bath

TBC inc. tv style programme
TBC Hours
Times to Be Confirmed

Limited Tickets: TBC with TBC Crew Members and Tarot Reader

The Grand Pavillion was built in the early 1900’s and has over 100 years of history and eerie stories. The building has stood still in time, originally built as a tea room, holding dances, plays and concerts.
During the war, the building supported serving forces.
The sound of heavy footsteps have been reported more often than not, the ghostly apparitions that are seen and have been witnessed by many.
Now as you make your way deeper into the building, some of the rooms have been known to have had paranormal activity, with eerie knocking and taps, odd noises, breathing, direct answers to questions that have been asked…
Dare you enter into this terrifying building in the heart of Derbyshire…

A beautiful building dating back to the 13 century and holding onto much history. From 1393, The Guild of the Corpus Christi would meet here, a group of very influential businesses men and the hall would have been of great importance in the reigh of Richard III.
The building has been used for many purposes. From a Town Hall, a Library, Courtroom, a Police Station which housed prison cells and a School. 
Now on a more interesting and gruesome note, this was the last place in Leicester to display the bodies of hanged convicts!
We know of at least 5 different spirits the frequent the building, the lady in white, a policeman, a Civil War Cavellier, a Dof and Cat.. Now there are more dark secrets within the buolding including the bible that will turn its own pages and it often turns its pages to Deuteronomy: 18:10 – a verse concerned with witchcraft…

This is one truly exciting paranormal events not to be missed

The Guild Hall

£69.99 inc. tv style programme
6 Hours 
Times to Be Confirmed

Limited Tickets: TBC with TBC Crew Members and Tarot Reader