Welcome to the world of ghosts and spirits and welcome to TDG:Investigates the paranormal team from The Dimension Group. TDG is made up from Spiritual Mediums, Paranormal Investigators and Spirit Sensitives. The mission is to bring you evidence that something exists on the other side. Nothing faked, nothing made up, and what you see on screen is what is recorded!

From entering into haunted locations to taking people on tours, there is nothing that this team will not do… Dare you enter into some of the country’s most haunted location with the team and investigate deep into the night?

Matthew, is the team leader of TDG:Investigates and has certificates in many subjects including Wicca, Occultism, Connecting with Spirit Guides and has a Degree in Astrology and a Diploma in Practical Ghost Hunting and Scientific Analysis and has completed many other courses over the years.
With Matthew leading the team, there is nothing that isn’t covered and Matthew said that there is no place he wont go!