Unique Investigations

Our events are very unique from start to finish. From making you part of the team, welcoming you to the location and letting you play with the equipment and go in search of the ghosts of the night, you will be looked after by our world-class team which consists of mediums, investigators, sensitives, skeptics and more you will find that you can also become the star of the show, by filming and starring on camera. Each and everyone of our events are recorded and edited into tv style programme.

All our events are professional, covid19 safe and we offer a unique event, offering you the investigation, the filming and behind the scenes experience. You will get the chance to use all the equipment, including SLS camera, night vision, ghost boxes, EVP sessions, EMF, group and lone vigils and the list just goes on and on… And all presented by TDG the multi-award-winning ghost tour and event company.